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Mr. Mi, Jinming

The Biography

1958 born in Beijing
1976 PLA Guangzhou Military Region Art Troupe, engage theatrical work of art
1980 Demobilization, the same year he gained entrance to the Central School of Arts and Crafts Department of Special Process
1984 Graduation
November 1985 working in the China International Book Trading Corporation Division
1986 “Advertising books to the world” Participate in the exhibition held in the Great Hall of the People in the world advertising congress
1986 Painting "go all out" ,to participate in the National Sports Art exhibition,  by the organizing committee collections
1987 Painting "lanes", the Beijing Youth Art Exhibition
1987 Painting "Family" ,Nationwide Building scenery Art Exhibition
1988 Painting "Bath" ,National Painting Contest
1992 Painting "Mother and son”, National Youth Art Exhibition
2001 Enter Songzhuang, has been engaged in paintings
2002 Drawing 500 square meter large mural in Shanghai
2005 Painting "Love" ,Road SONGZHUANG Art Exhibition
October 2006, Planning (cooperation) "Songzhuang Artists Exhibition 2006", painting "dismantling"in the exhibition
December 2006, painting "green apples" and the "cosmetic" display in the gallery Simon

Mi, Jinming Plainting

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