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         Constitution of International Buddhist Universities Association
  The Institutions, whose names are set forth in the First Schedule below, are united in their aspiration to promote the Buddha-Dharma. Building on the great Buddhist heritage of higher education, they are determined to ensure that
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         Charter of IOC of the United Nations Day of Vesak
  This international Buddhist community celebrating the United Nations Day of Vesak shall be known as the International Organizing Committee hereinafter is to be referred to as ‘the IOC’ or ‘the organization’
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        First Circular
  In this First Circular, we shall discuss briefly of (1.1) the aims, (1.2) membership and (1.3) functions of the proposed association of all Buddhist universities. Then, let me suggest (2) a format for running of the symposium more ...
        Second Circular
  First, we are gathering to discuss about Buddhist higher education in the 21st Century. By Buddhist education, it means moral and ethical education as taught by Sakyamuni Gotama the Buddha, which is imparted at higher educational institutions. It also means any education, i.e. moral, vocational, sciences, arts and humanities that Buddhists should be informed of. the symposium is open to both, although many may tend to gear themselves up for the first one. more ...

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