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        Preservation and Promotion of Buddhist Arts

Date : Monday-28th May 2550 (2007)
Location : The United Nations Conference Room 3 1st Floor

Moderator :  Ven. Dr. T. Dhammaratana (France)
Secretaries:  1. Sister Ong Kin Suan
                      2. Sister Loh Mei Fang

Assistant Secretaries: 
            (1)  Phra Supat Siribhaddo
            (2) Ven. Meas Suveoun Sumedho
            (3) Ms. Gunpasson  Kajornsrisorn

Total Attendance: 63 delegates


  1. Mrs. Wangmo Dixey, MA (American University), Executive Director, Buddha Dharma Foundation International, LA, USA & Sponsor of the annual Pali Tipitaka chanting at Buddhagaya: Revival of the Dhamma: The Annual 10-Day Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony at Buddhagaya and the Revitalisation of the Holy Places of the Buddha” (PowerPoint presentation.)
  2. Mr. Tambavati U Win Maung, (BSc), Advisor, Department of Culture and History, Ministry of Culture, Myanmar: The Evolution of Buddhist Stupas in Myanmar, 1st – 19th Century AD. (PowerPoint Presentation)
  3. Mr. Keo Kinal, Ministry of Fine Arts, Cambodia (PowerPoint presentation)
  4. Phra Sithawatchamethi (Chana) (Assistant Rector for Foreign Relations, MCU): The Role of the Leaders of the Sangha in Preserving Art and Culture (PowerPoint Presentation)
  5. S. N. Goenka (India): Tradition of pagoda to enshrine relics of the Buddha (to be presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prataung Dinnaratna, Director, Rajanagarindra Institute of Linguistic and Cultural Studies, Kasetsart University, Thailand)
  6. Prof. Hong, Seok-Joon (Mokpo National University, Korea), the characteristics and Meanings of ‘Gwangju’ Project and some Suggestions for Collaboration among Asian Buddhists and Networking
  7. Ven. K. Rahula (Senior Lecturer, Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Peradeniya): “Preservation of Buddhist Arts in Sri Lanka

Presentation of this workshop

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