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Vesakday at Vietnam
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        The 54th General Assembly of the United Nations Organization took place in December, 1999, Buddhist Era 2542 and the declaration of "International recognition of the Day of Vesak" that Visakhapuja Day be an International Important Universal Day of the United Nations was made. Since then the Day of Vesak is celebrated in May at the United Nations Headquarter and at the branch offices around the world every year. In Thailand, the community of monks, government and ordinary people participated in the celebration. Thus the celebration takes place nationally and internationally. In May 2004, Buddhist Era 2547, the meeting of international Buddhist leaders was held at the meeting hall of Phutthamonthon in June of the same year and in July 2004, Buddhist Era 2547 a host was also arranged for the arranging committee on the day of Vesak, the important universal day of United Nations, to be held at the headquarter of United Nations Organization in New York Metropolis, the United States of America.

        Since then, Mahachulalongkhonrajavidayalaya University with the resolution from the elders of Sangha association and under the patronage of Thai government holds the meeting of international Buddhist countries and takes charge of the communication for the international Buddhist countries. During Visakhapuja days in 2007, Buddhist Era 2550, the international Buddhist leaders signed an agreement in letting Phutthamonthon of Thailand to be the mediator of the international Buddhist countries with the secretary office at Mahachulalongkhonrajavidayalaya University and the arranging committee for the consultation and arrangement of the United Nations Day of Vesak, in 2008, the Buddhist Era 2551. Decision has been made to hold the meeting of international Buddhist countries at the Vietnamese capital city, Hanoi in Veitnam between 14-16 May, 2008, Buddhist Era 2551.

        According to the decision made by annual assembly of the United Nations, the day of Vesak is to be held at headquarter of the United Nations and at all of its branches in May every year. So Mahachulalongkhonrajavidayalaya University is also arranging to hold this Vesak day (UNDV Celebration of Asia and the Pacific) on coming Sunday 19, May 2008 for the annul ceremony of this year at United Nations ESCAP Hall in Bangkok and at Phutthamonthon in Nakhon Pathom.