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United Nations Conference Centre

> Size: 1,400 m2
> Seating capacity:
At rostrum 9
Behind rostrum 9
At delegate tables 200
Behind delegate tables-1 200
Behind delegate tables-2 128
Overflows 212
Overflows beside rostrum 41
Viewing Gallery 91
Total 890
> Microphones:
Rostrum 9
Tables 200
> Interpreter's Booths: 7

Phutthamonthon Conference Hall

It is a Buddhist park in the Buddhamonthon district, Nakhon Pathom Province of Thailand, west of Bangkok. It is highlighted by a 15.87 m (52 foot) high Buddha statue, which is considered to be the highest free-standing Buddha statue of the world.

The park was created in 1957 (which was the year 2500 in the Thai Buddhist Era) on the basis of an idea of Thailand's prime minister, Phibunsongkhram. The park covers an area of about 40 hectares, which in traditional Thai units is 2500 rai. Construction started on July 29 1955, and the park was inaugurated on the Vaisakh Bucha day (May 13) in 1957.