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Vesakday at Vietnam
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United Nations Day of Visak

     This Visakha Puja Day is the most important day of Buddhists and since B.E. 2542 the United Nations has recognized the Day of Vesak as International Day for all world Buddhists.  Due to today is the day that our Lord Buddha was born, attained Enlightenment and passed away.  The Buddhists will commemorate and revere the greatness of the Buddha.  His Enlightenment and the Dhamma-Teachings bring peaceful to people.  The world inherits this great tradition and legacy.  The Buddhists all over the world have assembly organized the activities in particular for the celebration.
     Since the United Nations had announced “Visakha Puja Day” as one of the International Day, and arrange the special activities on this day in May every year.  Thailand as one of the most population respect in Buddhism.  The Sangha Council, Government and the people has organized the activities that concerned Buddhism to celebrate every year.
     On the occasion of the International Day of Vesak this year 2008, I, on behalf of the Minister to Office of the Prime Minister, am glad that be the part in supporting this celebration and thank you to all departments and sectors, International Organization and Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya  University that help in organizing this event.  May every function of the activities be successful and bring happiness and welfare for the further existence of Buddhism.

                                                                     Mr. Chusak  Sirinil
                                                      Minister to Office of the Prime Minister