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Vesakday at Vietnam
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United Nations Day of Vesak

     The Vesakha Puja Day is the most important day for Buddhism.  How great the Lord Buddha is?  The Vesakha Puja Day is the same.  Therefore, every Buddhist over the world gives significant to this day and all know well that today is the day that the Buddha was born, attained Full Enlightenment  and passed away. It is on the full moon of the 6th month. On this special occasion, all Buddhists mindfully-recall the Buddha’s kindness and existence that has given all beings the light of wisdom - for those who suffer from craving – to calm down and see reasonable solutions. His enlightenment is Dhamma. The Power of Dhamma engages the heart and becomes the way of life and the greater heritage of the country. His final Nibbana is like the extinguishment of the greatest light of Buddhism that the world has seen. Millions of Buddhist’s hearts regard the Buddha’s Visakha Triple Full Moon Days for commemorative respects towards Him – because the Greatness of the Buddha deserves respect from humanity.
     Historically, in Thailand, most Kings excelled in and applied Buddhist principles towards governing the population; additionally, the Kings honored and supported Buddhism to ensure peace within the Kingdom.
     The United Nations recognized Visakha Puja Day as the International Day of the United Nations on 15th December 2002, out of the realization that the Buddha’s Dhamma has been propagating for centuries. Humanity accepts and hopes to rely on Dhamma as the refuge for people in this age of globalization. This is another from of respect towards the Buddha.
     Thailand and the Royal Thai Government have been entrusted from International Buddhists to host this Day of Vesak B.E.2550. This year’s event is sponsored by Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej – to support Dhamma practice and propagation of Buddhism – which are the best offerings to support the UN Day of Vesak.
     Mahachulalongkornrajavidayalaya University is the Centre to organize this International Day of Vesak for Asia and the Pacific celebrations at United Nations ESCAP Hall, Thailand.
     I greatly rejoice with the government for realizing the importance day of Visakha Puja and I would like to congratulate everyone who help in cooperating the Visakha celebrations as it is the international Day of Vesak.


H.H.Somdet Phra Phutthachan
Wat Saket
Executive Committee of His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch
Member of the Sangha Supreme Council